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Thank you for viewing my profile. My name is Cindy Lee, and I’m a mother of two children, ages 17 and20. One is a high schooler and another is a student at UT Austin. I became a real estate agent in March2013 and joined Austin 101 Realty in November 2014. I moved to Austin in 2011 and have been hereever since. I’m fortunate enough to have witnessed Austin’s growth and its transition from a suburb to atech city. Life in Austin has become more interesting and diversified as days go by. I love the city, and Iwill continue my adventure in Austin.

A little bit about my background: I was born and raised in Taiwan and came to the United States topursue better education at a middle school age. Being exposed to different cultures and value systems has broadened my vision and allow me to experience the best of both worlds. I graduated with apsychology degree from UCLA, and I worked as a social worker for years. As simple as that, I love people: I love getting to know people, I work well with people, and I care about people. I have lived in California(LA, Arcadia, Irvine, Oceanside) and Washington State (Vancouver at the border of Portland, Oregon) before I moved to Austin. Because I lived and moved to different places, my connections with people have grown stronger. Many people find me easy to relate to and fun to talk to.

You may be wondering why I became a realtor. This traces back to 1) my adolescence experience about my parents’ subpar home selling experience and 2) my passion toward investment property. To me, knowledge is power: with the abundance of knowledge that I have acquired through education and experiences obtained throughout my many years of practice, I can better assist my clients. My goal is to help them narrow down their choices from a broad starting point to a more concrete and tangible criteria in order to find their ideal home in a timely manner. People usually appreciate my guidance and easy-going ambiance throughout the transaction. My objective is to speak the truth and nothing but the truth and not to push a sale. However, if I see a good match, it’s also my job to let my clients know about it, so they won’t regret it! I’ll provide a thorough market analysis along with a good strategy to pursue. So why does one pick me as their realtor? I can tell you that I’m experienced, honest, easy to work with, sensible, knowledgeable, hardworking, the list goes on and on. The bottom line is, you will have to work with me to find out!! Let me be your realtor!!

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